Wednesday, January 29

The pink hearts are pretty

I enjoy that only my neuroses can shift my neuroses.
Neurosis #1: I must be able to decorate my house for a holiday all by myself, because I don't want anyone to put something in a place that I don't want it.
Neurosis #2: Valentine's Day decorating must be done on February 1.
This year, these two issues collapse under the weight of themselves, as Feb. 1 is a Saturday, and therefore everyone will be home. My issues are thrashing it out.
Should I decorate on Friday? Nope. Brian will be home, and we're maybe going to the movies.
How about Monday? Well ... that'll be Feb. 3, and only gives me 11 days to have the decorations up. And it's just too long to wait to get it done.
After my internal deliberations had battled it out and settled down, the decision was made. Valentine's Day decorations on January 30? It's unheard of!

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