Sunday, January 26

Such a Sunday

ITEM!: The best kind of morning is the one when you wake up and first thing, have to trim up dirty dog butt, and clean out eye bogies. Also, the O.G. spent all day smelling like vomit. Now, with Oliver, this is a problem because he is a stealthy puker. He doesn't like to do it, so he does his best to hide it from me. Of course he doesn't get in trouble for being sick, he just doesn't like doing it. My concern is that I can't find today's puke puddle. It's somewhere, and no doubt, I'll find it, all gross and crusty, somewhere utterly random tomorrow. You know, Daisy would seek me out when she was about to get sick so I could rub her back and croon to her to make her not be scared. I prefer that course of action. Because this kind of hide-and-seek is really, really icky.
ITEM!: We took care of all the planting I had in mind for the backyard this weekend! We pulled out the bamboo kind of thing in the back corner, and replaced it with a gardenia on one side, and two Tuscan rosemary bushes on the other side. The gardenia should be very happy, but the rosemary is a concern. It would prefer direct sun and some arid soil. It's planted in delicious, moist soil and will get several hours of reflective sun, but nothing direct. I'll give the rosemary a shot there, but if it fails, I'm all for another gardenia, because it looks super pretty. We also planted the little pine plant that Brian bought Sydney when we got the Christmas tree, and we weeded and pulled out the ground cover around the rose bushes. Once I get this drip system sorted out, I think everyone will be super happy over there.
ITEM!: For the first time in a long time, I'm recording the Grammys to watch tomorrow. There is a whole lot of Twitter talk going on, and I'm excited to see all the things they're talking about, but not enough to watch it live, because I refuse to punish myself that much. (So many commas!) Sydney and I did watch some of it, but not too much because we both got bored.
ITEM!: My legs are actually aching from last week's hikes, and I am loving it! Sydney and I did go to the trailhead this morning, but only wandered the nature trail portion. I wanted to walk our regular path, but she was too tired and sweaty from unnecessarily running back and forth on the nature trail, so we stuck with only that. I'm beyond eager to get to my hike tomorrow morning. All I need to do now is get back to the planking thing.
ITEM!: My internal debate continues: morning movie or all-day random cleaning up of the house? I think maybe I can do both? Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and then I can dig into my pet projects at home for a few hours before I pick the kid up at school. Tomorrow is starting to really shape up in a great way!
ITEM!: The first few pages of The Lions of Lucerne have been read, though I decided to start it yesterday shortly before Brian decided to play LEGO Marvel: Super Heroes in earnest. And as these things do, the book then took a back seat to the video game. I declare that I will finish the book before this time next week. I will! Because the New Year's EXPECTATION in regards to books must be fulfilled.

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