Sunday, January 5

Random animals are cool

I think it would be cool to have a fish tank with seahorses in it. I'm discovering in my old age that I am intrigued by animals that never intrigued me before.
Seahorses. Tortoises. Sea turtles. Jellyfish. Skunks.
I'll spend a lot more time than I should in front of seahorses, trying to get the best possible picture of them. I have about seven blurry pics of the sea turtle at the aquarium from last week; not a single one is a good one. I watched the skunks for a disturbing amount of time yesterday because they were in their underground burrows. Jellyfish are weird.
I missed my calling, I think, when I went into journalism instead of biology or animal science. I think I'd be a good seahorse wrangler.

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