Friday, January 17

Promises will be broken

Rather than stay up past midnight tonight to experience the last of being 40, or the beginning of being 41, I am going to bed. I have extracted a promise from my daughter that she will not wake me up under any circumstance not blood-related. If she's hungry, she's to get herself some string cheese, or get her daddy to make breakfast. I've been super warm and comfortable in my bed lately, and I'm looking forward to a long night together with it tonight.
I've told Oliver that he isn't allowed to leave me in bed either, but he's fickle, and quick to desert me when he hears Brian in the kitchen, so I expect to be ditched early in the morning. No matter, since he's making up for it by being super cute and cuddly right now.
Brian knows: make breakfast for the kids in the morning, and let me sleep in.
Having said all that, I fully expect to be awakened by two hungry hearts and one singing spouse by eight, at the latest.
Ugh. Please, for the birthday girl, try to make it to 8:30?

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