Friday, January 24

It's like pulling amnesia from my hat

Don't be too amazed, but I actually sent out two resumes today. One was for a public relations position at a company close to me here, and the second was to another position that ... well, that I'd already interviewed for a few years ago. This place does a type of editing and writing that I've already done, in fact, I had a job with their competitor several years ago.
I rocked the interview four years ago, as I usually do. But then I got cocky, and sent my thank-you note from my phone. Bad idea, as it had a misspelling. My second note to them a week later also was sent via phone, and also had a misspelling. This job was mine to lose, and I lost it. It's among the greatest of my career regrets, and I've learned a valuable lesson: don't write e-mails on the phone. People, learn from me. DON'T WRITE LIFE-CHANGING E-MAILS FROM YOUR PHONE.
The position they are looking to fill is the exact one I interviewed for all those years ago. I still really want this job.
Here's hoping that they don't remember me, and that I get a second chance to amaze them.

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