Monday, January 20

I did have her dress, actually

ITEM!: Every time I open my computer, I find crumbs. It's a fun game for me every night, where I discover crumbs, and then try to figure out exactly what Sydney ate at the computer, and what food those particular crumbs are from. Today's crumbs are from Ritz crackers. Exciting.
ITEM!: Also, Sydney consented to accompany me on my hike on the trail, in exchange for lunch at Peter Piper Pizza. My walk was lovely; my lunch, not so much. But we did figure out that the trail we are walking is 1.6 miles long. That's a lot more walking than I thought we were doing, and I'm super excited about that.
ITEM!: I think it's a real sign of my age right now that I am totally into this broadcast of Peggy Sue Got Married. I honestly can't stop watching it, and I bet I'm up until 12:30 or so watching the end of it. You know what scene just got me? When Peggy answered the phone, and it was her grandmother. What a trip, beyond just going back in time, but to answer the phone and talk to your grandparent again. That would be cool. However, Nicolas Cage is still just as cheesy as ever.

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