Thursday, January 2

Fry it ... fry it good!

Brian frying food in the kitchen has always been the bane of my existence. He gets oil splatter all over the place, and tends to smoke out the house to such a degree that every window is open and every fan is on for at least an hour after he's done. My whole married life, every time he gets the frying pan and the oil, I cringe.
Tonight though, we made an incredible discovery. After Brian's messy chicken-frying dinner preparation on Tuesday, we discussed the best way for him to do this again without making such a mess. He thought maybe putting the frying pan on the barbecue. Clearly, a throwaway comment. But tonight, when we actually spent some time considering the barbecue, and Brian went out to investigate, the solution presented itself. Our new barbecue ... has a burner on it. A gas burner that is the perfect size for a large pan for frying.
And with that discovery, we have achieved a new level of harmoniousness in our marriage. The burner worked perfectly, and now, every time he ever wants to fry something, he has an ideal place to do it, with minimal muss or fuss. It's like a brand-new solution to an age-old problem, and I'm so happy with it. Bring on the frying pan, because now it's awesome!

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