Sunday, January 19

Free popcorn means better movies

It's that time of year again: Oscars time. It's also time to start binging on movies that I normally wouldn't watch. Last Friday, Brian and I saw American Hustle. Of the Best Picture nominees, I've seen two, American Hustle and Gravity. It's my intention to see Her this week, and Captain Phillips will be available for rent on iTunes on Tuesday. Other nominees include The Wolf of Wall Street (which I have no desire to see), Philomena (which actually is at a theater near me so I may see it after all), Nebraska (which, well, nope), Dallas Buyers Club (which is nowhere near me now), and 12 Years a Slave (which scares me because I think it'll stab me in the heart a whole lot). It works out perfectly that I used some birthday money to buy a popcorn loyalty shirt at Harkins last week, so now I get a free medium popcorn every time I wear my shirt to the movies. And my loyalty cup gets me free ice water (or a $1.50 drink). All good things for the person looking to bulk up on their movie viewing!

[Editor's note: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire also is playing at a theater near me. This particular film may take precedence over anything else.]

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