Thursday, January 30

But will I love it in 115 degrees?

On the days I go for my hike on the trail, I'm posting a picture from it on Facebook (like this one to the left). So far, I've posted a picture of Sydney walking the trail; the interior of a dead teddy bear cholla cactus; some cool, dark blue rocks; and more than one large landscape.
I have decided, self-righteously, that everyone needs a beautiful picture of Arizona in their timeline. And if that happens three or four times a week, well, it's less annoying than motivational quotes, shared photos, political rants and personality quizzes. If pretty pictures aren't your taste, just scroll past them.
But there is some real beauty in the desert landscape, and I like to share it with everyone. It's a lot more varied than I ever thought, and there is always something new to see and study. Of course, when I'm hiking, it's all, "Oh, look; pretty!" with very little slowdown to even take the picture, let alone do any studying. But when Sydney and I do the walk, it's important to stop, investigate, discuss and make educated conclusions. We collect rocks, as well (only five per hike), and listen for animals. We stop and smell the flowers, when we find them.
I'm looking forward to spring in the desert, which is in February and March, according to the preserve's information. The flowers and blooms should be pretty. Oh, don't worry, you'll see them on your timeline.

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