Wednesday, January 15

Always, always read the labels

A couple weeks ago, I accidentally bought the Special K protein shakes I enjoy for dinner in the mocha chocolate flavor. An easy-enough error, I suppose, since both the mocha chocolate and the milk chocolate packaging colors are the same.
You know what's not easy? Drinking the mocha chocolate-flavored shakes. Oh my heavens, it is awful. I'm sure there is a chemically derived flavor in there that is supposed to taste like mocha, but really, it's like drinking a melted plastic chair.
But, of course, I know I made the error, and it's a terrible waste to toss out the four shakes, so I'm soldiering through them. Tonight, I drank the third of four shakes.
It was not good, but I'm essentially punishing myself for not paying enough attention when I chose my shakes, by making myself drink the gross shakes. I'm actually looking forward to drinking the last shake because, by virtue of it being the last shake, it will be the last mocha chocolate protein shake I will drink. I've already -- very deliberately -- selected and bought the milk chocolate protein shake replacements.

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