Saturday, December 14

Ugh, another post where I'm sad

I've posted something every day so far this month, and I'm not ready to stop being that consistent yet, so here I am.
You know, pet adoption websites have become a bit of a wormhole for me lately. I'm finding little ones here and there that I would like to bring home all the time. Brian wants a puppy though, and these sites just don't have them. I don't understand why I feel so much like I have to have another dog in the house. I was perfectly content with Oliver as an only child for so long. And he's just as awesome now, as an only child again, as he ever was before we brought Daisy home. There's just such a void in the house, that we are so antsy to fill.
I miss my princess so much though.
But the stories behind a bunch of the pups on the website are sad, and all I want is to make them happy. But it's also a fact right now that all dogs make me sad.

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