Saturday, December 21

Thumbs down to the thumb

I have the most ridiculous wound ever, and it's on my finger. It's on my right thumb, to be more precise, and is the absolute bane of my existence. It's like a paper cut, but it wasn't done with paper. It's about a millimeter long, but it feels about that deep as well. It sits right at the corner end of my fingernail, but may as well be across the entire tip of my finger. This is the most annoying, and unknowingly inflicted, injury of my entire life.
No kidding, I can't do anything without busting this thing open and sending myself spiraling down a pain staircase. I've been living with it for a couple days, and it hurts just as much right now (with Neosporin and a bandage) as it did when it happened (which I still don't know when that was). It won't heal closed and stay that way, and I'm about ready to pitch a fit. Because every time I bump it, the surge of pain rolls straight up my arm and seemingly through my entire body. And honestly, I never realized how often I used my thumb until I had this little issue.
I have a bandage on it right now, which is why there's no accompanying photo. I don't even know how well it would photograph. Besides, I can't even put the minimal pressure on my thumb to use it on my phone, and that's the real issue here.

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rosemary said...

Kimmie, sounds like you need to visit an emergency room and get a steri strip. It's like stitches put it's super tape.