Saturday, December 7

This actually is my Christmas tree

When given the task of finding a Christmas tree, I suggest The Home Depot.
We are big fans of buying our trees there, and have done so for several of the last many years. We've pretty much decided that we won't go to traditional Christmas tree lots anymore, because they just cost so much more for the same-sized tree.
At Home Depot, we got a 6-foot tree, and spent less than $45 on it. You can't beat that. And our tree is beautiful. It's nice and full, all kinds of round, and seems to be happy in front of the living room window. Also, it's straight. (As a very real precaution, I did the attaching of the tree stand myself, because you'll remember, Brian's first attempt at that chore left us with a tree fallen over in the living room last year.)
Of course, I did all the lights in my over-doing-it kind of way, which looks so fantastic once I'm done, but is a drag before I start and during the process. Brian and Sydney hung all the ornaments. (I'll wait until Monday before fixing and re-situating some of them.)
And amazingly, the entire thing is plugged into the exact right outlet, and the whole tree works off the switch! Now, that is something I've never been able to make happen, in all my years!! I win Christmas Tree this year!!
This year must be more magical, in a not-in-Texas kind of way.

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