Friday, December 27

The never-ending dessert table

There is no shortage of desserts in my home right now. Mom left me with a boatload of sweets that I can't share with her now, and most of them are delicious, so there's no way I'm going to just toss them, as I do the Halloween candy.
* Sugar cookies that I have to be in the right mood to enjoy. * Pumpkin spice cake that is amazing and I'll be savoring that for as long as I can. * Winter Oreos which are super good with the red creamy insides. * Frosting for the sugar cookies, of which I will take surreptitious bites (don't judge me). * M&Ms, of course. * Gingerbread men cookies that we didn't even crack open but now I have a complete bag. * Chocolate and peppermint covered marshmallows (these are totally Brian's fault. He bought them). * Leftover Cheesecake Factory peppermint bark cheesecake.
At least I don't have any fudge. Although that's because I ruined my own batch of fudge, and threw it out because it was gross. I hate failure. I think I'll make myself some this week to prove to myself I can still do it (there was a sugar-measuring snafu, I think). After all, it's not a real Christmas holiday unless I've gorged myself on the fantastic fudge.
Sure. Let's add fudge to all that other stuff.

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