Sunday, December 29

The end of year comes swiftly

ITEM!: The last year in which I had more than 300 posts to the blog was 2008. It's as if I had so much more time during that year and this one. Or that there was so much more worth writing about. Well, this post right now constitutes the 301st post of 2013. And to keep increasing that number for the year, I intend to post every day through Tuesday night. This sounds like a real commitment, but it occurs to me that it is only two more nights.
ITEM!: I'm starting to get amped for the New Year, and my fresh slate. That's a post for later this week, but I'm looking forward to cleaning out and cleaning up. I think 2014 is going to be a good year.
ITEM!: I can totally tell that Christmas is over, not merely from the calendar, but by the fact that I wander through my house fantasizing about taking down and putting away my Christmas decorations. Which is kind of a shame, because they're so awesome, but I'm done looking at them. I want my house back to normal. My tree smells fantastic, but I'm sick of it sitting in my living room. I declare that next weekend is the right time to take down the tree. And the decorations are going down on Sydney's first day back at school. I miss my normal house.

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