Saturday, December 28

Stinky feet be gone!

Last night, I Googled "How to clean Toms." Lately, it has become stinky in my navy Toms, and I'm grossed out by them. I do not typically get smelly feet, but the Toms, with their no-socks style, bring the problem to the fore. Or, more aptly, put it under my nose.
The Internet, as you can imagine, was rife with suggestions: from the not-terribly helpful, "Follow the instructions on the web site," to the home remedy, "Put some dryer sheets/baking soda in them."
Also, I read all about a bunch of girls who are afraid of their red Toms fading in the sunshine while they dry. As well as several horror stories of Toms getting wet when they weren't supposed to; Toms having color bleed onto them; and Toms getting muddy. All terrifying circumstances, to be sure, but really, I only care about making mine not smell so much.
I went with the Home Remedy option, and now my Toms are in the closet with dryer sheets in them. I'm giving them 24 hours with the dryer sheets, to be sure there is enough time to do their magic. If it doesn't work, I'll investigate the baking soda in a homemade sachet idea.
But because of the Toms issue, there is foot-stink transference into my favorite slippers. They've been Febrezed.

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