Thursday, December 5

Slippers are the best things ever

I realized today that I have a new neurosis. It is ... wait for it ... "Time-of-Day-Specific Slippers."
Little Known Fact About Me: I love slippers. They're brilliant. They're perfect for their purpose. I would wear them all the frickin' time if I could, and during the colder months, I do. I hate, hate, hate having cold feet, and my amazing slippers keep that peeve in check as well as they can.
But I realized yesterday and today, that of my slippers, different pairs are ideal for different times of the day. Work with me on this. I have three different pairs of slippers.
Here we go:
MORNING ~ The soft, synthetically fluffy interior, purple slippers, with the traction on the bottom. These are for the morning, when I'm still wearing my sleeping socks (another blog post entirely). Feet, with socks, fit perfectly in the slippers, and my slow wittedness because of the morning is helped by the traction. These only stay super warm though, because of the sleeping socks.
DAYTIME ~ The Uggs slip-on slippers, filled with sheepskin and topped with a navy cable-knit. This is the second pair of these specific slippers I've had. I wear them out, because they are awesome. These are ideal for during the day, when it's not too cold, but my toes still need to stay warm. They are the easiest for me to walk up and down the stairs in, so they are the more mobile-oriented slippers.
EARLY EVENING AND NIGHT ~ The pink, down-filled North Face slippers, with some thicker socks inside. By the time it gets dark outside, my feet have usually gotten chilled again. But it's not time for bed, so no sleeping socks yet. Here, we have normal, everyday socks. But the North Face slippers are magical warmth machines that keep me from getting chilled as the temperature lowers. This is my favorite slipper combination, because it does, seriously, keep my feet super toasty and comfortable.
I change the slippers with little structural regard, really, of this weird protocol that I just spelled out for you. I noticed yesterday that I was entrenched in a slipper pattern, but took peripheral note of it today, so I could understand why I was doing it like this. And it's weird. Right now, two pairs of slippers are on this side of the bed (pictured above. Bonus points that you see the "extra" sleep socks, too); the other pair is next to my dresser. What a delightfully bizarre thing. What on earth would a fourth pair of slippers do?

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