Thursday, December 19

It's a reindeer roll call

DASHER!: So far, all I want my husband to buy me for Christmas is long yoga pants. All my current yoga pants are capri length, which in a gym is fine, but when I start doing the hikes more often, I'll need something for the cooler weather.
DANCER!: I think I may be about done with my Christmas shopping. I've got one more thing, and maybe another thing, and then I'm pretty much finished. I spent some time figuring out what I've already bought and how it should be organized today, so I feel confident in saying the vague statement of perhaps fact that started this paragraph.
PRANCER!: Tomorrow night, I will do some wrapping. I've got a few packages here and there that can be wrapped and put under the tree, and I aim to take care of that. The sooner they're wrapped, the sooner they make more room in my hiding place.
VIXEN!: Also tomorrow, or maybe on Saturday, I get to make the sugar-cookie dough that Mom and Sydney will bake into cookies Sunday night, while Brian and I will be enjoying an evening out. And we'll have cookies when we get home from the movies. One more thing about the dough: It is one of my most favorite things to eat straight out of the fridge, and on the sly. Even when I make it and store it in my own fridge, I'll still steal bites of it in the dark, with only the fridge light to guide me.
COMET!: Some time last night or this morning, our elf, Buddy, fell from his perch in the plant on Sydney's dresser. She was most upset to see him on the floor, and is pretty nervous that my touching him will take away his magic. I told her that since he's her elf, if I touch him, it should be okay. She'll feel much better tomorrow morning when it's clear that he's made it to the North Pole and back.

I can't think of any more things to blog about, so the rest of the reindeer will have to wait for another list.

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