Wednesday, December 11

It all actually seems pretty productive

ITEM!: The traditional Christmas radio channel on iTunes has been my favorite thing lately. The music is awesome, and ranges from Perry Como and Frank Sinatra to Jose Feliciano and of course, Elvis. But the fantastic discovery I made through the channel the other day is Ella Fitzgerald singing Christmas carols. She is fabulous at singing holiday songs, and I am in love. Yep, bought the album tonight. I can't wait to listen to it in its entirety in the morning.
ITEM!: I've switched my birth control pills from the brand name to the generic so I get them for free through the Affordable Care Act. I mention this change in a public forum because if I get knocked up, it'll be all Tri-Nessa's fault. And they'll be in super trouble because Sydney does not want a baby in the house. Babies slobber on things, you know. That bothers her a lot, and is the sole reason as to why there simply can not be a baby in the house. Also, she wouldn't want to share her room. We discuss the never-going-to-happen sometimes because her thought process makes me giggle.
ITEM!: I ordered this year's Christmas cards tonight, too. This was difficult for me because all my kids are on my Christmas cards, and on this holiday, I don't have my Daisy. I got a few cute pictures of Sydney in the snow the other day, and I have an adorable picture of Oliver, but it hurts my heart that I can't have any Daisy picture on my card. To do it would be super awkward, but to not do it is super sad for me. Of course, I did the card with just Sydney and Oliver, because that's how it should be done, but still, sad.
ITEM!: You know, when I turn off the television, I get a lot more random stuff done. With the TV off this evening, Sydney and I: planted the paper whites Lisa sent us; fancied up the vase and fillers Mom bought for Christmas decor; finished most of the laundry; repacked all the snow gear and put the bag away; and watered the plants and trimmed off the dead leaves and leggy limbs. Not being distracted is an amazing thing.
ITEM!: Sydney has started writing out her daily schedule every night on the white board in front of her room. This morning, she woke me up promptly at 7 a.m., per the schedule, and played Animal Jam all afternoon, per the schedule. It's funny how the schedule doesn't matter all that much when it's bath time though, and how "bath time" was mysteriously erased and replaced with more Animal Jam when it got close to 7:30 p.m. She's pretty fantastic.

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