Tuesday, December 17

I'm digging the Christmas tunes

I love my DirecTV music stations. I bounce around them when I just want to listen to some music, preferring the 90s, 80s and (sadly?) adult contemporary. At this time of year, there is a holiday station.
This particular holiday station is a really good one. It plays the classics and the newer stuff in a fun and cool mix, which is a feat that Sirius and iTunes Radio haven't been able to figure out.
Anyway, I had the holiday music playing when Brian got home. He immediately checked other TV stations to see what else was on, and finding nothing intriguing, he hopped onto the DVR list. He's been watching recordings for a while, but now he's sleeping. I know this, because suddenly I'm hearing "I'm gettin' nothin' for Christmas" floating up the stairway and into my bedroom.
Now, it's Harry Connick, Jr. singing "I'll be home for Christmas."
At any rate, it's better than him waking up to discover that Cinemax has gone soft-core while he was asleep and now there's "sorta porn" on the TV.

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