Monday, December 9

E-mails + catalogs = Christmas

The holiday season always overwhelms me in catalogs and e-mail.
Starting right after Thanksgiving, I suddenly start opening my phone to discover I've got 12 to 13 solicitation e-mails waiting for me. They're from Best Buy, or Pottery Barn, or Crate and Barrel, or even Three Dog Bakery. They all promise tremendous savings, and free shipping. They make these promises loud and in many obnoxious graphics. I take delight in deleting them without really reading them.
I also receive a few catalogs a day in the post mail. They're bright, and beautiful. They are filled up with awesome things I can't afford to buy, but I look at them anyway. Tonight, I weeded through my pile, putting about 12 in the recycle bin, and saving about four for actual potential gift ideas. That's just from this week. Catalogs bug me because they're such a waste of paper, but I'm conflicted because I really love looking at them.
My yearly thought, "If it's December, I must be popular with the shopping stores." My inbox and my mailbox are bursting with holiday spirit.

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