Friday, November 29

It's real, like shopper-phobia

Black Friday scares me.
In general, I don't like people around me when I shop. I start feeling super bugged and annoyed by everyone who is around me, whether they're trying to help me or not. The weather in a store suddenly gets too warm, and I get really uncomfortable. It's not claustrophobia. It's a deep and profound dislike for being crowded by others while I'm shopping.
This very real, and very physical, reaction is the exact reason why I avoid Black Friday with every ounce of my being. The idea of shopping with that many people near me is horrifying, mainly because I worry about doing harm to them. I don't understand the draw of voluntarily putting yourself through that kind of madness. And closeness. With all those people.
Anyway, if you must go shopping on Black Friday, I suggest you go to Ikea. The prices are just as low as they always are, so there are no crazy deals to be had. Because of that very important fact, there were no more people there than are there on any other Friday. It was just Ikea. Which, when pressured to go shopping on Black Friday, is a good thing.
I'll take the everyday crazy of Ikea over the Black Friday crazy of anywhere else. Too many people. They bug me.

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