Tuesday, November 5

At least it's all about chips

Sometimes, there is nothing better in this world than chips and salsa. So, guess what I had for dinner tonight. Yep, chips and salsa. It wasn't even any kind of special salsa, either. Market Fresh restaurant-style salsa from Target. And you know what? It was yummy delicious. Bit by bit I'm being brought over to the generic Target brand side of things. Not enough to roll with anything less than Tostitos for chips, but the salsa works.
Somehow speaking of chips ...
I miss Jalapeno Jack Sun Chips. *takes a moment to search Jalapeno Jack SunChips on Google* But now I discover that, beyond the missing Best SunChips Flavor Ever, SunChips has managed to piss off a whole lot of customers. They have shrunk their bags from 11oz. to 7oz., and continue to charge the same for them. People on the SunChips Facebook page are PISSED. I don't blame them. Probably if I was still buying SunChips with Jalapeno Jack flavor, I would be just as annoyed. But the company lost my business when they discontinued my favorite flavor. So, no worries for me, except I feel bad for the people mad about the bag shrinkage. I continue to be done with SunChips, in solidarity with the angry people, and because it's making a statement without having to compromise anything.

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