Wednesday, October 16

Toms are more comfortable. They are!

Life lessons I learned at 19, but choose to ignore at stupid times:
Don't listen to Mom when it comes to shoe choices.
Backstory ~ When I was 19, and Julia invited me to go to London with her for a couple weeks while her grandfather was being elected mayor of his borough, my mother insisted that I get new shoes to wear, because my worn-in shoes were (I paraphrase), "probably too worn-in and comfortable." So, here I go, off on a couple-week trip to walk around London a lot, and Paris for a weekend, with brand-new shoes. Short story: my feet hurt; I grew blisters; I dreamed about my comfy shoes in my closet; and I cursed the woman who made me leave them there ... EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was one of the most uncomfortable trips of my feets' lives.
Since then, I tend to ignore Mom a lot when she has qualms with the shoes I select for pretty much anything.
But sometimes, I ignore this hard-fought knowledge, and I end up suffering for it.
Current story ~ I chose my Toms and some flip flops for the couple days in Disneyland. She was all, "Oh, Kimmie. Those won't be comfortable. There's no support." I'm all, "Whatever. I'm wearing my Toms." I changed out the flip flops though, for my Vans. Monday, in the Toms, was fine. (Of course, at the end of a day like that, everyone's feet are sore, so mine were as well. Not from shoe, but from use.) Tuesday, I wore the Vans. I bemoaned the loss of flip flops because I knew it would be warmer outside, however soldiered on. But then, after a couple hours in the Vans, I remembered why I really wanted the flip flops. The Vans aren't super comfortable after a few hours. My feet slide too far forward in them, and my toes ache. This is merely bothersome for a while, but then it makes every step ache a whole lot. Also, it makes for a non-amiable Kimberly.
As I changed from my Vans back into the Toms at the end of the day, I reminded myself AND MOM that I should really just stop listening to her about my shoes every time she has a comment or concern. Her opinion leads to unfortunate foot pain.

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