Thursday, October 24

Sweet as a cupcake ... I wish

Lately, I'm sure, you guys are all, "Yeah, but how's she doing?"
Well, I am getting teary eyed at every little thing. I've got the zits. Today, I almost broke out in tears because I couldn't decide what I wanted to have for lunch.
Such is the state of me right now.
And it's bugging me.
This lack of estrogen is messing with me in every way.
I feel like I need to soldier through it for a couple months though, just to see if my body will settle in with it. Seems fair, you know, to torture myself for a while. That way I can really appreciate all the changes my body is going through now that I'm 40.
So, we might have a few of these ridiculous, emotional blog posts over the next several weeks.
Then, I'll admit that this wasn't a good idea, and go back to the regular-level birth control pills, and all will be well again.

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