Friday, October 25

Lovely, lovely ladybugs

I didn't know that ladybugs would ever gather together like this. I'd never seen anything like that before I saw this. It reminds me a whole lot of Nantucket and Cape Cod. It just seems very Cape Cod-ish to me. I wish I had downloaded the higher resolution image though, because this would make an awesome cover photo for my Facebook page. But alas, it will be an awesome blog photo instead (which isn't a bad thing at all, either).
I wonder: what is the word for a group of ladybugs? ... Well, it seems as though there's some misinformation about that. Of the several places I just checked, only two agree on what a group of ladybugs is called, and it is a "loveliness." That's almost too cute to be believed. I'll roll with it, but I'm disappointed I don't have an encyclopedia right here that I can read and verify that.

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