Wednesday, October 23

Imagine lavender; go to sleep

I'm warm and uncomfortable. My dogs are asleep, which is cute and soothing and everything, but I'm still wide awake at 12:13 a.m. I need to put down the computer, and go to sleep, too.
I have acid reflux from my leftover pizza from dinner, but I lack Zantac, so I'm suffering through it.
And when is it going to start getting cold here? I got so jealous looking at all those people in the cold weather in Boston on television tonight. They were wearing hats and gloves for pete's sake.
I changed the estrogen levels in my birth control pills, and I think it may be affecting me negatively. I'm so weepy and agitated. Also, I'm breaking out, which puts me in a super bad mood. Zits f*ckin' suck, and I'm the queen of them right now.

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