Sunday, October 27

I love that autumnal weather

It was a lovely day to eat lunch outside. It will be tomorrow, too. Happily, the next day, Wednesday, it might feel a bit too cool to sit outside.
I say, Welcome autumn! We've missed you!
Is it a terribly bad move for a mother to leave the windows open in her house when the temperature gets down to 50 degrees or so? Will my dogs get too chilled? Will my daughter require more than a sweatshirt? I am eager to find out the answers soon.
I know it's all autumnal in Boston, and somewhat in Houston, but I'm looking forward to the season here. Only a few trees turn color, and even fewer lose their leaves, but crisper air is a welcome indication of the change of seasons.
If I could pick only one season to live in Boston every year, it would be autumn. It was my favorite time of year there, and the switch from summer always makes me miss that town.

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