Saturday, October 5

I had some pilsners

I really enjoy day-drinking. It's a good time, and makes a day awesome. Unfortunately, it makes the afternoon and evening kind of awful when you don't follow through and keep drinking.
Brian, Lisa, Brad, Sydney and I ventured out to the Tour de Fat (Fat Tire Festival) today. It was a lovely time watching the bike parade, checking out the random games and activities, and of course, drinking some Fat Tire. I was done when I was done, but I still found myself taking an uncomfortable nap once we got home. And I continue to yawn even early this evening. Thankfully, the bottles of water and some dinner made for a better time while we watched football.
But my body is creaking tonight. My feet are sore, and they feel stretched out on the bottom. I got a bright sunburn on my shoulders and face, which is too bad. It didn't even occur to me for a moment to put some sunscreen on myself or Sydney or Brian. We're all a bit crispy. My back is aching a bit because I stood so much all day. My head hurts because of the, previously mentioned, day-drinking.
But all in all, this is such a great beer festival and so much fun, that all my issues tonight are totally worth all the fun we had today. Looking forward to next year!

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