Friday, October 11

Hopefully, no more car stuff

ITEM!: We finally took care of the last bit of car business today ... and now I have a new water pump. We ended up going to an independent VW shop down in Phoenix to have the work done, since their estimate was about $400 less than the dealership quote. They did the work quickly, and the car's running fine and there's no check engine light anymore, so it seems as though all is well. I'm not a big fan of taking my car anywhere that's not a dealership, but the cost was a very real factor with this particular repair. The shop has a ton of positive reviews online, so I felt relatively confident in my decision.
ITEM!: Gravity is a good movie! Of course, it's my love affair with space that makes me a sucker for all these movies, but this was really good. And I've got a weird gripe, but I don't want to be a spoiler, so I'll just keep it on the down low. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed the film.
ITEM!: I'm watching Hawaii Five-0, and I got a ridiculous giggle out of the guys from Lost on screen together. Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim (Hurley and Jin) just shared screen time, and it made me super happy. Also, because I'm watching Five-0, there was a commercial to vote on key plot points for a future episode. So, I took a couple seconds just now to do that. But really, I miss Lost.
ITEM!: One of my favorite conversation exchanges with me kid goes as follows. Me: "Tomorrow's Saturday! What does that mean?" Sydney: "It means you get to sleep in." Me: "Yes! That's right!" Sydney: "Huh." The secret not-fun is that she still wakes me up crazy early for a sleeping-in day to bug me about stuff like an app on the iPad, or the weather, or food.

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