Tuesday, October 22

Five of the six are mysteries

I have a great plan for the next six weeks: I am going to read one of the books on my To-Be-Read Pile every week. The week shall start Monday morning, and will end Sunday night when I go to bed.
This week though, is already off to a poor start. I had optimism because I knew I would spend Monday morning at the car doctor's place ... but then there was nothing wrong with the car, so I couldn't get started. Since then, I've been catching up on last week's television, and just mucking around instead of reading.
I honestly haven't read anything since before we left Houston, and I remember that the pile was growing even when we were there. My summer of reading was a bust, I admit. So the list is back to the "Books in my To-Be-Read Pile." I'll pull one off the pile and put it alongside my bed as soon as I'm done with the blog, so it can guilt me into remembering my goal, and I'll get started on it. I mean, they're all good books, I'm just having a hard time motivating my reading mind to get started. I thought that the plan was a good one, and I suppose I still do. I just need to dig into it.

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