Saturday, October 19

Everyone's happy we're home

* Well, I did the drive again today, but somehow I feel a bit less creaky than last Sunday. Who knows though, that could be very different tomorrow morning.
* My dogs are incredibly content and happy right now. Everything is better when Mom is home!
* Sydney was so happy to get into her own bed tonight. I need to figure out something to do with all her dinosaur stuffed animals, because she's decided that she doesn't want them on her bed anymore. Damn. Her bedroom is just too small. I don't have a corner to shove them all into, or even a chair. I will need to get crazy creative.
* We put up all the "spider webs" outside finally. The webbing has been sitting on the chair in the living room for a week. It was a family event, and we were all very pleased with the finished product.
* I'm easily distracted by my need for a pedicure over the last couple days. I shall wait until all the paychecks drop, and then will visit the salon.
* Also, Oliver and Daisy need baths. Like, badly. I'll put that on this week's list, I suppose. My list for this week grows exponentially the longer I sit and think about it.
* The dark side of Saturn looks creepy, doesn't it? Also, I have a whole lot of television to catch up on this week.

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