Saturday, October 26

Dinosaur cakes are the best

ITEM!: So we had our first birthday party with classmates today. (How awesome that we managed to get all the way to seven without having to host one, right?) We booked the space at our local pizza place, and sent out the invitations. Sydney was nervous all morning, but also super excited. We got to the pizza place early, and the kids arrived. This was, I think, one of the most expensive 90-minute time periods of my life. Those tokens add up like no one's business. Still, Sydney had a good time, and the kids had a good time, and that is all that matters.
ITEM!: I still feel like I'm not ready to take Sydney to a party and then leave her there while I run errands. Several of the parents of our party guests did that today. Granted, a bunch of those kids are older than Sydney, but still, I was kinda surprised that so many were like, "Okay, this is so-and-so. I'll be back later!" I mean, there's a lot of freedom in that, of course, but I'm still not there. I'm super untrusting, I suppose, but it doesn't feel right to me.
ITEM!: People should give the bakers at Albertson's some super props, and not think that as a grocery store, their stuff is less than awesome. Because we got a fantastically awesome dinosaur cake that was delicious, and happy, and made my kid go through the roof with glee. I love the bakery products from grocery stores. They've got real frosting that's not fancy; good cake that's not fancy; and creativity that's underrated. This lady's work made our day.
ITEM!: Even though, or perhaps because of, the parents not being there, these kids were incredibly well behaved. Tons of "please" and "thank you" for everything, and no issues at all. Of course, with only seven kids, there's not a lot of room for craziness. But still, I was pleased.
ITEM!: The whole thing cost a whole lot more than I thought it would though, so we may be changing our tactics for next year. Maybe two or three friends on a cool outing or something. Or like, a make-up and hair person at the house to fancy them up for funsies. Or maybe even a sleepover. Thank goodness I've got another full year to think about it.

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