Thursday, October 10

Cooler weather, I feel you

I say excitedly, "It was finally cool enough to have a HOT drink at Starbucks this morning!" Our windows were open all day, and the air conditioner didn't go on at all. I was able to wear jeans ... unironically ... and it was glorious. In fact, Sydney wore long pants to school today instead of shorts.
The weather gurus say that tonight and tomorrow morning will be the same, though the daytime highs should creep up a bit over the next few days. Still, that's the mid-80s, so really, there's no complaining about that.
In addition to getting the hot drink, I also stopped at a different Starbucks. My usual shop is right by the freeway, and seems to take a ridiculous amount of time to get something no matter the time of day. The shop I visited today is along the way home from dropping Sydney at school. It's a walk-in store, with no drive through, but that's no big deal. It was pretty awesome though, to walk into the store at 8:35 a.m., and have only two people ahead of me in line, and then to get my drink quickly and to be out in a matter of minutes. I think I may have a new "my Starbucks" now. I love stopping for a drink after dropping the kid, and this new "my Starbucks" will make that easier and better for my life.

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