Friday, October 4

Bins, bins and more bins

It cracks me up how, in my life, one irrational task can lead to another irrational task, and yet another irrational task. So, I got my garage somewhat organized today. What I discovered, is that I really need to pick up a couple more bins at Target. I need another Halloween one, I think, but definitely a Thanksgiving bin and an Easter bin. Probably two Christmas bins, too. The extra cardboard boxes aren't cutting it in my holiday-neurotic organizational stacking Tetris brain, and bins will work better for that.
[ASIDE: It's a fact, I just need a storage unit. There is no way I'll be able to stack all these boxes in a way that is pleasing to my eye when I drive into the garage. I moved stuff around, but it still bugs me, and now I don't know what I can do to make it better. END OF ASIDE.]
And I won't have time to try again until next week, if even then. So, I'll either get used to it as it is now, or I'll have to hate it, and let it bug me, for a while. My compulsion to have everything look exactly right in my head is going to drive me insane.

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