Thursday, October 3

An organized garage is an empty garage

I've finally caught up on my work for the week, which means I can finally take some time tomorrow morning to do some work in my garage. I've been unhappy with the state of things in there for a while, and I'm super eager to move some stuff around to make different and better use of the space in there. I could probably go through My Steps To Reorganize The Garage for you, but that would be incredibly boring.
Also, the plumber is due in the morning, to fix the upstairs toilet that has leaky bolts in the bottom of the tank, thereby leaking water all over the bathroom floor. I would like to state how nice it is sometimes to only be renting a house, so when something like that goes wrong, all I have to do is call the landlord, and they take care of it, and pay for it. It'll also be super nice to be able to use my bathroom again.
Also, I was a productive mother today, by visiting the pediatrician's office, filling out the request to have Sydney's records transferred, and making her wellness appointment for this year. It was nice to check the place out again. But the best part was making the appointment, sucking it up and taking the mid-afternoon spot because nothing else was available before or after school for months, and then discovering that the Monday for which we scheduled the appointment is Veteran's Day, and Sydney has the day off anyway. Win, win, win.
Unfortunately, my own doctor's appointment for this afternoon was canceled because a baby decided to be born, so I need to go back on Tuesday morning. I find myself wondering if my private health insurance premiums will go down now because of the Affordable Care Act, or if we're stuck with it as it is. My premium should go down to match Brian's, right? And will my birth control pills be covered? I'll be happy to not pay $33 per month for those, if I can avoid it. I suppose I have my own questions. I'll call our company next week and see what's up.
Quite obviously, tonight's is a stream-of-consciousness post. It's all over the place.
I think I'll drive down to Qdoba for lunch tomorrow.

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