Saturday, September 14

Ugh. Fix my car, please

My Jetta pulled a Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction today, and was all, "I won't be ignored!"
The check engine light flipped on yesterday while I drove home from work, but since it was the same light that meant nothing a few weeks ago, I ignored it. But the car felt weird this morning when we went to Costco. And then, when Sydney and I got in the car to head to the dinosaur museum, it just wouldn't start. It's a battery thing, which is annoying, because that's a lame thing to happen, but in conjunction with the check engine light, and the 70,000-mile service that's due, we had it towed to the dealer as a precaution.
Happily, the dealer's service department is open until 4 p.m. on Saturdays. But that means the car is chilling at the dealer for the rest of the weekend. Brent, who is taking care of me for this visit, thinks it should be ready by 2 p.m. on Monday. If it's not though, they'll have a loaner for me.
Car issues were not on my Wish List for the month of September. I'm bummed.

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