Wednesday, September 25

Today is Mom's birthday!!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Mommy!
Happy birthday to you!

Also, I think, a double-decker haiku:

I say "awesome" lots,
But for her, it is so true,
My hero, and role model.

She's inspiration,
motivation, a big fan,
and she rocks the house.

ITEM!: And because today is Mom's birthday, I treated myself to a pedicure. I celebrate her life by having a callous removal treatment. And now, I can spend time with her this weekend with no issues at all in regards to how gross my feet were. It's a happy birthday for both of us!
ITEM!: Christian Bale does a lot of low-voice yelling in The Dark Knight Rises. I mention this because the movie is on in my background right now, and he just yelled, "Where is the trigger," like seven times and the TV is louder than I want it, so I heard that really well.
ITEM!: My dogs are lying next to each other on the bed, back to back. I know it's unintentional, and that they don't do it because I think it's super cute, but still, I love it. It makes me feel like they are doing it to make me so happy.
ITEM!: And because it bears repeating, callous removal treatments are awesome.

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