Wednesday, September 11

Time to catch the pee

So, it turns out that I can be quite good at giving insulin shots. But tomorrow begins the big activity: checking Daisy's pee for glucose levels. I finally found some ketone strips to soak in urine to discover her levels, and in the morning, I get to follow my puppy outside and try to catch some pee on a strip.
All good intentions. But let's see if it'll work. The strip is about three inches long, and she's a focused peer, so I may just be able to do it. The vet suggested using a ladle or spoon to catch the pee and then test it, and I did buy a spoon for just that purpose today, but I want to try to catch it "fresh from the source" first. If she allows this, life just got a tad bit easier.
And if her levels are good, that's a big, huge bucket of frosting on my cupcake of a dog, because that means we won't have to mess around or try different prescription amounts and all that. Now, why I would think that this one thing would work out well for us, I don't know. But anything is possible. Even a relatively uneventful solution to our problem.

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