Tuesday, September 10

Things about today:

The job is being weird. My boss told me that the main social media client I have is in default for payment, so the accounts are on hold. This leaves me with two accounts to post for, and turning my monthly paycheck into a blistering $150. You know, until they give me more accounts, or until I quit.
Daisy's insulin isn't working fast enough. Honestly, after a full 24 hours, she should start gaining her weight back and being in better health, right? I'm starting to get super nervous about her general well being. Also, I need to find strips to check her urine for glucose and ketone levels. However, she is thoroughly enjoying the large and prepared breakfasts and dinners. As is Oliver, who is benefiting from this by finally getting a more elaborate diet.
Sydney is an "accelerated reader." I'm so glad, because she is far from being an "enthusiastic reader." Is it better for her to be good at something she doesn't seem to like doing? I'm going to be a happy camper the day she decides that reading aloud is not an excuse to whine, sigh and grumble. Listening to her be a punk throughout her reading of Pinkalicious tonight was painful.
I actually enjoyed Now You See Me. I know this movie got a lot of bad reviews, but I quite liked it. Perhaps the bad reviews lowered my expectations to such that there was nowhere to go but up. You know who bugs me for no real reason? Jesse Eisenberg. He goes on that list now. Woody Harrelson was awesome, as usual.

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