Sunday, September 15

The ship rises tomorrow ... hopefully

You know how every year there's something random that intrigues me for hours on end? That one time it was the discovery of the Liberty Bell capsule, and the rescue and cleaning up. And then, of course, the 33 Chilean miners.
Tomorrow's bizarre obsession will be the live feed for the salvage of the Costa Concordia cruise ship in Italy. The ship's sinking is ridiculous, since it's all because the captain is a bit of a prat, and it's a tragedy that more than 30 people died. Another tragedy has been the ship's carcass lying on its side in this pristine Italian bay for almost two years.
But tomorrow, the salvage company is going to lift the ship onto its hull, float it, and then tow it away. The act of bringing the ship upright should take about 12 hours, according to the man in charge, which is perfect, because I'm about to sleep for the next seven hours.
I would rather sit and watch the video all night, but I do actually need to sleep. There is a good chance that it may not go as well as they want it to, and that the ship may not be able to hold itself up once it's upright. So many factors, and the great human ingenuity to get it done. I'm so curious how it'll go!

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