Saturday, September 21

No more padiddling around

And yet, once again, I am struck with how awesome the Internet is.
The day after I got my car back from that ridiculously large visit at the dealership, a new alert light blinked on in the dashboard. I have a bulb failure. I was all, "Are you f*cking KIDDING me?!?!"
But I've been living without caring, since the last thing I want to do is take the car in for a bulb before having the money to take care of the water pump. This afternoon though, as we were preparing to back out of the garage, Brian looked over, and was all, "What's that light?"
He got out and checked the front of the car, and we discovered that it was the driver side daytime running light bulb that was out. It was at this moment when I pointed out to Brian that I was driving a "padiddle." He had no idea what that was, and after I explained that it's a car with only one working headlight, he was horrified that there was such a stupid word for something like that.
Well, give Brian a random task and access to the Internet, and he can figure anything out. It wasn't long before he found a video on changing the bulb in the driver side headlamp. He went to the auto parts store and bought the bulb, came home, and replaced it in the car. And you know what? The alert light is gone!
The Internet is an awesome wealth of information. And Brian is pretty awesome, too.

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