Monday, September 16

It rose; the parbuckling was successful

ITEM!: As predicted, I spent my entire day with the Costa Concordia parbuckling operation on an open browser window on my computer. I didn't stare at it every moment, as the movement of the ship itself was like watching paint dry, but I did keep a super close eye on its progress through the hours. As of now, the ship is upright. It took about 19 hours, I think, for the ship to go vertical. For the next couple weeks, the salvage company will make some repairs, attach floats to the sides, and buoy and anchor the ship. Then it will rest there until next spring, when they'll tow it to a dry dock for scrap.
ITEM!: I got my car back earlier today. Turns out that I did need the transmission fluid flush and service, or whatever. Apparently, this particular service should be done every 40,000 miles. I've never done it on my car, which is at 69,000 miles. Sure, it made for a more expensive day, but I have to tell you guys, the transmission and gears are so much smoother right now than they have been lately. And it's weird because Brian and I were complaining about how my car felt like it hesitated a lot over the last few months. This afternoon, after I picked it up, I was delighted to discover that it doesn't hesitate any more. I was surprised to honestly feel a difference in the car.
ITEM!: I've discovered that I can record my own text alerts on this app on my phone. I'm trying to figure out which movie line I want to use. Right now, it's a tight race between Sam Rockwell's "rudimentary lathe," and Care Elwes' "as you wish." I don't know. Or something from Grease? So many options, and I'm insane enough to spend hours and hours over the next several days recording and discarding many, many, many potentials.
ITEM!: I had wanted to read a book last weekend. That plan went to total shit. Duly noted that my Summer Reading List is just as long as it was in April and May. I'm disappointed, to be sure. I'd like to get to reading again. Maybe tomorrow?

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