Sunday, September 29

I watched some "Breaking Bad"

It's always such a treat for me when I can find a new and exciting way to drive my husband a little bit crazy. As of lately, it has been my watching Breaking Bad with him. I've never watched the show, which I understand goes against my being an entertainment junkie, but I just never was that intrigued by it. Brian started watching when we were in Houston, and has been obsessed for a couple years.
As this is the final season of the show, and in fact, the final few episodes, I started watching with him after we'd finished True Blood or The Newsroom. The last couple episodes have been very good, so I've been totally enjoying them. Brian's positive spin on this: Now I'm watching the show with him. Brian's negative spin on this: Now I'm asking a whole bunch of questions that if I'd been watching since the beginning, I wouldn't have to ask. I'm not asking deliberately obtuse questions or anything; it's just that I honestly don't know almost all of the back story. And then he answers them, and then I have more questions. The entire exercise is really quite entertaining.
But, now the show is over. And I have no desire to backtrack and watch it from the beginning. So, I'm done.

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