Tuesday, September 17

But is there a headless horseman?

I missed Sleepy Hollow last night.
I totally dropped the ball on the first night of fall television, and I am utterly disappointed in myself.
I mean, fall TV premieres are like my year's worth of television viewing in a big ball of optimism. It's like a baby being born: a baby that will demand my attention, my emotion and my neuroses until next summer.
Fall TV is a demanding mistress, and I missed our first date. And now, I'm forced to make it up to her. The series premiere of Sleepy Hollow will be on TV again Friday night. I have some catching up to do.
And because I do love my television, and because I am a ridiculous control freak, I spent two hours tonight going through my Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview and scheduling my season and series premieres over the next two months. Now, my calendar is all marked up. I won't bail on my dates again.
I love TV.

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