Monday, September 23

Autumn is my favorite season

Autumn is here, and we could feel it in the air this morning. The first cool morning of the season greeted us with the sunrise today, and it was fantastic. In fact, I was able to open my windows and get a breath, if only a breath, of fresh air in the house. The windows stayed open until about 1 p.m., when the air conditioner thermostat hit 79 degrees inside. No a/c all morning was pretty awesome. They say that it should be as nice tomorrow.
Of course, we know that this is a bit of an anomaly for this time of year; it's typically warmer for a while longer. But cool air is cool air, and I look forward to taking advantage of Mother Nature's cooler winds whenever I can. (I just reread that last sentence, and it is LAME. How cheesy. In fact, I'm bugged by the entire second half of this post. I'm going to sign off right now before I write anything else ridiculous. It's too late to be trying to come up with something clever anyway. I think tomorrow I'm going to take myself to Krispy Kreme.)

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