Tuesday, September 3

A labor, it certainly was

We've had a pretty rough few days out here, and I don't yet have all the information, so I don't want to blog about it tonight. But suffice it to say, Daisy isn't feeling well, and I've been sleeping on the futon cushion downstairs since Friday. I should know more tomorrow, and will therefore have a lengthy post (maybe?) then.
Meanwhile, in the Bat Cave:
We made chocolate cupcakes with bright, purple frosting, and they're delicious. I'm going to go eat one once I'm done blogging here.
Oliver has the farts right now, and is gassing us out of the house. He's had too much food today, I think.
Sydney had a boring weekend, and will happily tell you about how awful it was, but she got to pick Pei Wei for lunch on Saturday, we made cupcakes on Sunday, and she played video games all day on Monday. Not too bad, really.
Brian and I got to sit next to each other a lot.

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