Wednesday, July 3

Well, I hadn't expected that

So what's sad with my new project with the pictures and the photo albums and the photo boxes is that today I came across some of the bad stuff. Like when you realize that there are no more pictures of Ginger. Or the last of the Humphrey photos. Or even worse, the last of Gramps pictures. (Those are weakly balanced by the introduction of Oliver, and the plethora of photos of him, as really, even though he makes me so happy, missing the rest of them still made me sad.)
Also, we're not even close to 2007 or 2008 or 2009, which are the worst years. So much sad in what's missing in those pictures, you know. I guess I'll cross that awful little bridge when I come to it.
Still, I'm pleased with my progress. I've finished going through albums six through 10 today. Tomorrow starts the Boston years, which means a whole lot of photos of Oliver running around in the snow.

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