Sunday, July 21

Traditional gift: silk and linens

Today is mine and Brian's 12th wedding anniversary. I hunted and searched for an image for my profile picture, and I found a great one, but what I discovered is that most of the best images are of my friends and I. (All the photos have been packed up for the last few years, remember.) But what was interesting, is that I didn't realize how much time Brian and I spent apart from each other over those four days. Of course, the important stuff we did together, but there are only a few events over those days that were for both of us.
And I have to tell you, I wouldn't change a single thing over that entire weekend. The bachelorette evening was rock-solid awesome. The spa day, which I have no photos of at all. The bridesmaids' lunch. The make-up and hair morning (which, as I look at those images, I'm still annoyed about my hair and how much eye make-up was packed onto my face). And the reception.
But it's pretty amazing to see all these fantastic photos of all my friends and family having such a great time. What I love most about my wedding weekend is that it was a good time for everyone there (I think; I haven't heard differently). It was meant to be a party for all the people I love, and it was. And that makes me happy ... as happy 12 years later as I was a week later. Also, Elvis was my officiant.

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