Monday, July 8

They're islands, that look cello-ish

As a Monday, today had its good moments and its bad moments.
GOOD: I got to chat with Marlo this afternoon, and we spent about 30 minutes giggling and sharing stories. I miss her terribly. She's the only aspect of Texas that I'm sad to have left.
BAD: The web site for the Internal Revenue Service is convoluted and ridiculous. And when I called the phone number listed for help, I heard a recording telling me how busy they were, and that I should call back later. Then, it hung up on me.
GOOD: No scorpions in my house today. As of now.
BAD: Having to teach my daughter about scorpions, and having to answer all her questions, which only gave me the heebie jeebies again. After the lesson, I say, "What do you do when you see a scorpion?" Sydney says, "Call for you or Daddy, and stay away from it." I ask, "What else?" She replies, "Keep Oliver and Daisy away from it, too." Excellent.
GOOD: I still haven't cracked open that tube of cookie dough in the refrigerator. It's calling me name though, that's for certain.
BAD: I didn't get the book editor job. I'm super, super disappointed in myself for not doing as well as I should have on the test. I'm sad that I'll be hunting for more job stuff for a while longer. I'm bummed because I thought this was the right job for me, but it was not to be. I'm losing confidence in my skills, which isn't a good thing when searching for a job. But no matter, I'll be back to myself in no time.
GOOD: Heading out to Cali the end of the month.

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